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How many of your bookings come through your website? 5%, 10%, maybe 20%?

The fact is,                                 of ALL travellers book directly through hotel websites.
So if less than a third of your bookings are online, your website is holding you back.

This is usually because people can’t find it, they don’t like it, or they’ve forgotten about it.

Accommodation and travel accommodation directories are a common workaround, but their cost-per-lead is very high and only 17% of travellers book through them, so they may not deliver a return on investment over the long term.

The first thing most travellers (around 85%) do when they’re looking for a hotel is go to a search engine like Google Yahoo, Sensis or MSN. And they don’t muck around; most don’t make it past the first page of results, and almost none make it past the second.

So, if you want to be found by the majority of travellers, you have to rank HIGH in the search engines. And this doesn’t just happen by itself. You can’t just build a website and sit ‘n wait.
Nor can you pay for a high ranking. You have to engage in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is the art of creating a website that waves its arms at Google and says “I’m a hotel in Sydney” (or Brisbane, or Mildura or wherever you are). To do this, you actually have to build your hotel website in a particular way so that the search engines can ‘read’ it. And you also have to use the right words in the right places to ensure they know it’s a hotel website. Only then will it appear in the right searches.

Don’t worry; it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. In fact, once you’ve done it a few times, the technical side of search engine optimisation is pretty simple (and we’ll help you master it so you can continue working on your ranking into the future).

Specialist SEO for the hotel industry

Like all online marketing, the real key to it know YOUR audience. And that’s something that only on-the-ground experience can provide. You need to know what your customer is searching for, what stage of the ‘buying cycle’ they’re at when they’re searching, what words your competitors are trying to rank for, how much time and money it will take to outrank them, and how many bookings you’re likely to secure if you do.

At Hotel Online Marketing, we marry proven technical expertise with unparalleled hotel industry experience, to deliver a search engine optimisation service that is second to none.

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